TeeVegas is a set of scripts and tools to make Sony Vegas more usable for sound designers.

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Welcome to TeeVegas!

TeeVegas is a set of scripts and tools to make Vegas Pro more usable for sound designers.

Latest release

Teevegas 0.16a

Major features

Render regions

Every region can be rendered with specific settings for format, sample rate and destination directory. All settings are stored in the project.


Quickly select and randomize takes and variations within samples

Advanced region management

Search / replace, re-arrange and audition regions before rendering

Media management

Collate, re-target and create new versions of your source assets

How to install

  1. Shut down Vegas
  2. Unpack the zip file into C:\ProgramData\Sony\Vegas Pro\
  3. Start Vegas
  4. Enjoy =)

Super-quick start

  1. Drop your assets into Vegas
  2. Make any adjustments you want, like editing VO takes or adding some phat bass
  3. Create and name regions for your clips using these scripts:
    Edit > Extensions > Region Create > From Events
    Edit > Extensions > Region Name > From Events
  4. Run the RegionRender script. Choose output format sample rates and target directory
  5. Render your files!

__TeeVegas is offered as-is, free of charge, with limited support.